Sears-Stardust/Dir-Jake Banks & Brad Tucker

CheetosStardust/-Dir- Brad Tucker

T-Mobile- Stardust/Dir- Trevor Shephard

Bud Light

Nokia-Stardust TV. Dir. Jake Banks

Mattel( Barbie Commercial)



Nintendo -Ant Farm/Dir-Robert Stack

Guitar Hero-Ant Farm/Dir-Lisa Riznikove

Xbox-Ant Farm/Dir- Jon Berkowitz

Behr Paint- Stardust/Dir-Brad Tucker

WNBA-Stardust/Dir- Jake Banks

Knorr-Stardust/Dir-Brad Tucker

Winners –Director- Tim Royes

Buffy The Vampire Slayer(UPN)

Girlfriends (UPN)

The Hughleys (UPN)

The Parkers (UPN)

Roswell (UPN)

Miss Universe Pageant

Modern Girl’s Guide to Life (E!/Style)

The Meatless Chef-Cooking Network

Extreme Makeover

Sloan “ I Gottal Try” Murder Records

Burger King

T-Mobile-Milagra Films

Radio Shack-Stardust Productions, Director Brad Tucker

Comcast-Logan Productions, Director Jens Gehihaar

Target-Buck Holzomer Productions, Director Buck Holzomer

NFL- Ant Farm Productions

Kraft-Ant Farm Productions, Director Jon Berkowitz

Payless- Startdust Productions, Director Jake Banks

Bucky Larson “ Born To Be A Star” promos- Sony Pictures

Colbie Callait “ I DO”- Universal Republic